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CAREER/BIO (Updated Early 2018)

I´m a spanish llustrator specializing in visual development for animated feature films and animated TV series.


I born on February 1978 in Barcelona / SPAIN. From 1992 to 1997 I was a full time student at The Fine Arts School LLotja in Barcelona,  from which I received BAF on Illustration in 1997.


In 1998, I begin my career in animation industry hired as a prop designer and Vfx designer for an animated tv serie.

That was my first job, from then my interest on the animation industry grew up and I continued working on numerous animated TV shows and animated feature films for studios based in Barcelona working as in-house artist, and also, I worked for animation studios based in Madrid as a freelance artist doing work from Barcelona. During those first three years of my career I worked on different roles, but I was mainly focused on Set design, Environment Design and Color keys for several companies and studios based in Spain.


On 2001 I moved to Luxembourg, where I worked as Background painter for "Acaria" Tv series (Oniria Pictures), and after just few months later I decided come back to Barcelona, where I worked as a character designer for "Tom" the animated the Tv series (a Norma animation-Cromosoma co-production).


On spring 2002  I moved to Berlin,  Germany, when Hahn Film hired me as Art Director for the animated feature Film "Happily N´Ever after", during the time the project was in hands of Hahn Film  I was in charge of the Art Direction. The project stop develop on Hahn Film after months of hard work.


From 2003 to the fall 2006 I continued working for animated feature films and tv series for studios based in Barcelona, mainly to Filmax Animation, where I worked on several projects as: "El Cid the legend", "Gisaku" and "Nocturna". I was involved as a Background artist / designer, and also as a Background Color Supervisor.


On 2007 I move to London, England, where I worked as Senior Set Designer for the CGi-animated feature film "The Tale of Despereaux", hired by Universal Pictures. 


From 2008 to 2011 I worked in Barcelona, as a Art Director for  a CGi-animated feature film project ("unannounced title"). Unfortunatelly, that project was canceled and no longer developed due to budget matters.


During 2011 I worked as a concept artist on the acclaimed live-action movie "The Impossible" directed by J.A. Bayona.


From summer 2011 to summer 2012,  I worked during a year for Cromosoma (animation studio based in Barcelona) as Art director  for a CGi animated feature film project, finally it was canceled project, and not developed due to script disagreements, and internal power struggles among other matters. 


From summer 2012 to December 2015 I worked as Art Director for "Invizimals-Join the Hunt" (animated tv series) hired by BRB international (Barcelona). I was in charge of the Art Direction and my role included the daily management and supervision of the art team and also the supervision and daily feedback with the CGi Modelling Supervisors of the Sets and Characters with whom we work remotely (the studio in charge of the animation and modelling was based in China). All materials concerning Art and CGi Modelling for the animated Tv series was under my supervision and approval.  Also I was the Lead Character Designer.

Following this I worked remotely as a freelance artist for several and numerous projects and companies.

I was involved on an animated feature film project ( "unannounced title") as Environment designer/concept artist for Grangel Studio, and after that, as a Color key artist  for "Ozzy" an animated CGi feature film (a Capitán Araña/Tangent Animation  co-production).

During 2016 and 2017 I worked as Set Designer for a couple of projects from Brown Bag Films / Ireland

-"Angela´s X-mas" / animated short film

-"Watership Down "/ tv mini-series a BBC, Brown Bag films, Netflix co-production).

Also, on early 2017 I worked as set designer / concept artist on an animated  feature film project ( "unannounced title") for La fabrique D´images.

At the fall 2016 and during 2017 I was involved as a Visual Development Artist on “Hotel Transylvania 3” for Sony Pictures Animation. 

At the begining of year 2018 I worked as Set Designer for 101 Dalmatians Street- the TV series, for Passion Pictures and The Walt Disney Company UK .


Currently, I keep focused my career on the animation world and I´m involved  in the development of several exciting and awe projects for the animation industry.

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